Collection PN

Cases covered real leather, lined satin and real suede

Collection PN

Cases covered real suede, lined satin and real suede


: Esterno pelle nappa.
Interno raso e pelle scamosciata.


: Esterno pelle scamosciata.
Interno raso e pelle scamosciata


SNPNCR0001 – SNCMCR0001 – Ring with doors-Anello a portella 64x64x45
SNPNCR0002 – SNCMCR0002 – Ring with doors-Anello portella 55x55x50
SNPNCR0003 – SNCMCR0003 – Ring tab with doors-Anello portella linguetta 55x55x50
SNPNCR0004 – SNCMCR0004 – Ring with doors -Anello portella 75x75x50
SNPNCR0005 – SNCMCR0005 – Bracciale 225x50x26
SNPNCR0007 – SNCMCR0007 – Stiff bracialet-Bracciale rigido 100x100x40
SNPNCR0008 – SNCMCR0008 – Stiff bracelet-Bracciale rigido 100x100x60
SNPNCR0009 – SNCMCR0009 – Necklace soap shaped with doors-Collana portella 190x115x26
SNPNCR0010 – SNCMCR0010 – Necklace soap shaped -Collana saponetta 180x180x30
SNPNCC0001 – SNCMCC0001 – Necklace soap shaped -Collana saponetta 220x220x50
SNPNCC0002 – SNCMCC0002 – Necklace Soap shaped -Collana saponetta 220x260x50
SNPNCC0003 – SNCMCC0003 – Parure Soap shaped -Parure saponetta 220x280x50
SNPNCC0004 – SNCMCC0004 – Necklace Soap shaped with doors-collana portella 220x260x50
SNPNCC0005 – SNCMCC0005 – Parure Soap shaped with doors-Parure portella 220x280x50
SNPNCR0011 – SNCMCR0011 – Cufflinks with doors-Gemelli portella 100x100x35
SNPNCR0012 – SNCMCR0012 – Brooch whit doors-Spilla portella 100x100x35
SNPNCR0013 – SNCMCR0013 – Pendant with doosr-Pendantif portella 100x100x35
SNPNCR0014 – SNCMCR0014 – Orecchino portella 100x100x35
SNPNCR0015 – SNCMCR0015 – videpoche 60x60x28
SNPNCR0016 – SNCMCR0016 – videpoche 70x70x28
SNPNCR0017 – SNCMCR0017 – videpoche 80x80x28
SNPNCR0018 – SNCMCR0018 – videpoche 90x90x30
SNPNCR0019 – SNCMCR0019 – videpoche 110x110x31
SNPNCR0006 – SNCMCR0006 – videpoche 125x125x31