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Collection QP

QPPN : Case covered with real leather, lined satin and microfiber
Closing with spring button

Serie QP

QPPN: astucci rivestiti in vera pelle, interno raso e microfibra
Chiusura con pulsante
QPPNAR0001 – ring-anello 70x70x55
QPPNAR0002 – videpoche 70x70x55
QPPNAR0003 – videpoche 90x90x55
QPPNAR0004 – videpoche 100x100x55
QPPNAR0005 – videpoche 150x150x55
QPPNAR0006 – earring-orecchino 70x70x55
QPPNAR0007 – earring-orecchino 90x90x55
QPPNAR0008 – bracialet-bracciale disteso 240x65x55
QPPNAR0009 – stiff bracialet-braciale rigido 100x100x70
QPPNAR0010 – necklace-collana 180x180x55